Meet Our Brands

We are just a couple of cousins that grew up together and then served in the Military at separate times. (right after he got out of the Navy, I joined the Army) After our years of combined service, we were finally reunited. Growing up we always envisioned starting our own business together, but we never knew what that calling would entail. 

“Don’t mess with the hair” started out as an ongoing joke between us, family, and friends, then the idea hit. We both used a variety of Pomades on a regular basis, and what started out as a joke soon grew into this fun little venture, Out of Regz. Figuring out how to create pomade formulas was no easy task (especially for someone that barely made it through high school chemistry). We spent months and a lot of late nights fueled by energy drinks creating and testing hundreds of formulas.

 Originally, we set out to create organic pomades. Our first attempt ended up resembling a candle (no joke). We created some organic formulas that could’ve worked, but we didn’t like the texture, the hold, or how difficult it was to wash out of our hair. That’s when we decided to expand our range of ingredients and after hundreds of formulas, we finally created our own unique formulas that quickly became our favorite pomades.




SEB MAN introduces a new range of hair care, styling and grooming products, for men who refuse to be categorized. Enabling men to express all versions of themselves, in the most hassle-free way. 

Since the beginning, Sebastian has enabled stylists and the stylish with new products, tools and techniques. Our styles work in the spotlight, in the salon and on the street.

Our innovations simplify, and put self-expression in your hands. Every decade heralds a new line-up of icons that test the limits of hair creation. Cellophanes was the first color that came with choice. Shaper, the world’s first any-which-way spray. Potion 9 created the canvas for limitless style, and Eruptek injected hair with expansive clouds of texture.


 Taconic Shave is the premier line of natural shaving soaps, creams, aftershave, and beard care products – all proudly artisan-made in the U.S.A with premium locally sourced organic & all natural ingredients. These specially formulated products help wet shavers achieve the most comfortable and enjoyable shave possible. Taconic Shave products are crafted in small batches, ensuring the consistent, high-quality that our customers have come to expect.


For almost 50 years, Parker Safety Razor has been the gold standard for fine grooming supplies. Parker Safety Razor products are hand crafted and undergo extensive engineering and quality testing.

A family-owned business, Parker Safety Razor produces products that are a reflection of our commitment to excellence and value. We use and enjoy our products just like our customers do, so we have pride in every product that is produced.

This is our guarantee of quality to you. Our products are made with the finest materials available. We select quality retailers that reflect our high standards of service. We innovate and develop both classic and state of the art shaving products. All products undergo extensive engineering and quality testing.

We make products without compromise by focusing on only the finest quality ingredients to cleanse, nourish and protect. Woody’s is directed at the man who is looking for a simple, comfortable daily regimen that offers basic, no-frill products that smell good and get the job done.

Woody’s was developed with the collaboration of celebrity barbers and stylists. Their hard work and keen insights into what grooming products a man needs in his daily routine helped create the Woody’s of today.

Authenticity, community and integrity are values that inspired our brand and we believe we can make a difference for our customers and community because…when you’ve got Wood, it’s all good.

Peace, Love, and Shampoo!


OLIVINA MEN, based in Nashville TNformulates grooming essentials that are made to be everyday classics. With a focus on function, fragrance, and effective ingredients, our goal has been to create products for the modern man: one who is health conscious and practical. The inspiration behind our natural fragrance is blending the earthy aroma of the outdoors paired with sophisticated notes of various essential oils. It’s time to venture out from the tired scent of your locker and dorm rooms and start smelling like the man you want to be.

We’ve created premium products that are earth-friendly, you-friendly, and wallet-friendly. That’s why our products are scented with natural fragrances based on essential oils,free of parabens, phosphates, and SLS, packaged in recyclable materials, never tested on animals, vegan or vegetarian. Our regimen of grooming products saves time without cutting corners. Ensure that you are giving your body what it deserves.